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A Research Maven's Dream

Updated: May 29, 2018

Licensing: Pick any topic, get to know it with first hand research and by reading, and then portray it with a fitting technique.

A great way to get to know a topic and a medium, is to do a series of images with a theme, and then license them for print, movie sets, clothing, greeting cards, hospital or corporate decor. Keeping the collection unified and the topic neutral, the images have wide appeal.

Graphite drawing, bold marker undertones and then pastel pencil layer on this board to depict a detailed and soft landscape. Pictured here, from top left, are Seattle, Market Street in San Francisco, Turkey, Barrington Street in Rochester, NY, and Portugal.

The first piece, above, Thin Slices, was an editorial piece about our 30 second impressions and gave me a chance to play just a bit with stylizing realistic line drawings. The tree series let me play with watercolor pencils and concentrated inks. No matter how many trees I draw, I will never remember their names once I'm done with the series. The final piece, Three Graces and Three Furies was a fun color and paint study created for a book cover. The profile portrait disintegrates at the height of her fury.

How many ways can you snuggle?

My two dogs, Holly and Boomer (deceased) were such a close pair (and they were parents together) that they would often mirror each other's positions and curl up together. I loved the graphite drawings but I also wanted something with a colorful punch.

This Alphabet Dogs poster is stocked at nearly a hundred pet stores and has since begun to be stocked at children's clothing stores. Its been on movie sets (Chance with Hugh Laurie), in school auctions, and in many a nursery and dog lover's home.

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