Stone Soup: What Goes Into the Pot

Here are a few months of sketchbooks which make up the raw ingredients for the annual calendar

I love to make a calendar each year. I can send them as gifts, keep in touch with clients, and pick a charity to send half of the proceeds. This year, I looked to my sketchbooks.

The images are the result of mixing and matching, finding patterns and scenes that create something evocative, suggest a narrative or a sensation.

Two of these characters showed up in the calendar; Recognize them out of context?

Splicing, Selecting, Mixing

Working in ink and marker on paper allowed more white space to come through than in paintings or when I collage my work together in real (non-digital) space. And combining pieces digitally allowed more hands off collage so that pieces weren't ruined by scissors as I tried new combinations, adjusted colors, cropped out entire sections. I could also work with a greater number of options in the digital format. Working so quickly allow you to consider why certain pieces aren't working while enjoying aspects of them for novelty or future exploration:

Within a few days, I had made 15 new pieces, although they were built on the back of months of drawing and discovery. I could pull together the growth and searching from the previous year into a final moment as a gift to bring in a new year and close the previous one.

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 Rebecca Meredith’s art and illustration resides in private collections around the world, and diverse categories of publication including licensed work for TV Network HBO's Chance, Netflix's most downloaded television series 13 Reasons Why, Toms Shoes, as well as covers and interior illustration in literary fiction, scientific illustration, children’s fiction and nonfiction, brand identity logos and editorial journalism.  Recent honors include merit of honor and collection by the Triton Museum of Art and award of Top Ten Artists in the San Francisco Bay Area by ProArts Oakland.