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Serial: Trial and Error

Whether working in print, textile, publishing or a gallery setting, it is helpful to explore a technique, medium, style and way of thinking across an entire series and then see what context it fits in best.

These concentrated ink textiles were in a calendar, movie set, mug print, fabric, gallery and home art collections.

You begin to understand textiles in a new way with services that will show your imagery in 3D settings like upholstery, wallpaper, travel mugs and yoga mats. Think about how you want to participate in the new experience economy.

These impasto oil paintings worked just as well as ink drawings for a separate market.

Medium Fits the Mood

These dream pieces don't get old because they open themselves to interpretation each viewing.

Collaging my own work together was thrilling. Collage gives some critical distance and instant view of how a piece placed or removed can create new opportunities.

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